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Comhceol the Irish for harmony, from the prefix comh meaning “with” and ceol “music”. Encompasses our lives and work, and is at the core of the healing therapy, workshops, products and services we provide.  For the last number of years, our work has centred around becoming more and more self-sufficient.

I trained as a holistic therapist, in the practice of Holistic, Indian and Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology and Reiki and later travelled to Nepal to study Reiki Master Level and Sound Therapy.

Our journey has exposed us to many systems of spirituality and by far the most transformative and helpful has been the Enneagram.

We live a self sufficient lifestyle as much as is practicable in the modern age, growing food, generating our own electricity through the use of wind and solar, making our own medicines, wines and beers, a lifestyle choice that has brought much joy.  We occasionally run workshops and talks throughout the country to share our experiences in the hope it spreads the message of good health, happiness, joy and inspires and gives courage to others looking to do the same.

Back in 2015 we agreed to continue the good work of John Lett (simplyblessings.co.uk), an electrical engineer who designed and made a colloidal generator called the “SG6”.  For many years we were customers of John’s and we are proud to continue his work and we now make the SG6 and it is available through the shop.  To live in the modern era and continue to use some of the modern conveniences, some money is required, being able to make and sell colloidal generators, is aligned to our ethos of self and shared empowerment and allows us to continue to live simply and in touch with nature.