Silver Water – Some Practical Applications

For our years of experience using silver, we have learned a few tips from others and some of our own.

Around the Home

When you get a wine to a desired sweetness/specific gravity/alcohol content, add a half a cupful of silver water to halt the fermentation process and fix the wine at this level.

Cleaning – Use silver water in a spray bottle to clean down work surfaces and protect against germs.

Health & Well Being

Athlete’s foot – place your freshly washed socks in a bowl and pour silver water over them, wring them out and place on a radiator to dry.  Wear your silver embedded socks, changing them daily until the yeast infection has cleared up.

Jock Rash – if you drive a lot and are prone to an itchy rash around your intimate jewels then put your freshly washed jocks in silver water and again dry on the radiator/hotpress and wear as normal, continue this until the rash has cleared.  This can take about a week or two depending on the severity of the infection.

Sinusitis (blocked sinuses) – we use a teaspoon in a nebuliser twice a day, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, in the morning and later afternoon for three days, and it always clears up.

Chest infections, flus and colds – Usually taking silver water orally is sufficient to stave off a cold or flu, holding the silver water in your mouth for more than 15 seconds allow more of the active silver pass through the thin membrane under your tongue into the bloodstream and around your body, to fight off the infection.  This is by far the most effective system for getting silver particles into the blood.  For chest infection or blocked sinuses, use a teaspoon of silver water in a nebuliser twice a day, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth to target the sinuses and in and out through the mouth to target the chest, works best for us.  We don’t suffer cold and flus as others do, if we feel a cold or flu coming on, its straight for the silver water, we might get the aches and pains, sniffles or wheezy chest for a few hours, but generally it passes within a few hours to a day or day.

Conjunctivitis – A few drops from a dropper into the eye, or sprayed as a mist into the eye, apply each day until the condition clears.

Acne & Spots – A friend uses this one.  From a young man he has suffered terribly with spots/acne.  He went down the mainstream route of steroidal creams and medicated shampoos, they helped alleviate some of the symptoms, but not completely.  He now has stopped all medicated products and using a mister, mists affected areas after a shower or a wash.  His skin is spot free.

Rhinitis/Hay Fever – Taking silver water orally over the year as a maintenance dose prevents the occurrence of rhinitis.

Diverticulitis/Colitis/IBS – Some other friends use the silver water in the treatment of these conditions and have found it to be effective.  Alleviating the cramps, trapped wind, and any infection/overgrowth of non-beneficial microbiota that might be present.

Burns/Insect Bites – Spraying the affected area, seems to relieve the pain, and remove any infection.

Genital/Oral Herpes (Coldsores) – Taking silver water continually for some friends, seems to initially shortened the duration of outbreaks and then eventually stop outbreaks altogether and the infectious cycle.  Others have reported a complete cure to herpes when using silver water in conjunction with protocols such as the “The Bob Beck Protocol”, as there is no conventional treatment available, many are forced to just live with the condition.

Ulcers – Depending on where the ulcer is, silver water can be taken orally to alleviate the ulcer, some find spraying the affected ulcer helps with healing and external ulcers, such as leg sores.

 Veterinary Health

Peritonitis in Dogs – Some pedigree puppies can develop an infection in the stomach or abdominal area, causing the puppies stomach to become hard and swollen.  They are in constant pain and cry continually.  My friend tells me prior to using silver water, he could lose most of a litter as there is no surefire way to cure the condition.  In his experience, he would call the vet, be told there is little to no chance of a recovery, I can give you an antibiotic and hope for the best, but you just might just as well face the fact, they are lost.   My friend took matters into his own hands, feed a tube into the stomach, administered 3 ml of silver water at 10 ppm diluted in 10 mls of water.  Within 20 minutes the stomachs had softened, the puppies stopped crying and they all survived with no lasting effects.

Listeriosis in sheep – I’m not familiar with this condition, other than to know it is caused by a corkscrew shaped bacteria or spirochete and can eventually within a short period cause fatality in sheep.  My same friend who used the silver water in the puppies, visited a brother in law in Scotland, a large sheep farmer and sceptic of silver water.  Two of his flock came down with listeriosis, one more advanced in the condition than the other.  My friend administered 30 mls via tube into the stomachs of both sheep, left them overnight, the following day, there was no change/progression in either of the sheep, but neither were any better, so he upped the dosage to 300mls.  The following day the sheep that was more advanced, showed no improvement, but the other sheep couldn’t be identified from it symptoms, and made a full recovery.  Unfortunately the other died.  This farmer is currently conducting trials using the silver water to test its efficacy, so far the results to date have been promising.

Bee-keeping – To help maintain good bee health, protecting against American/European Foul Brood, etc place a tray filled with glass marbles/pebbles, fill the level of the water to below the level of the pebbles/marbles, so that the bees can land and drink water without getting wet.

Poultry – Add silver water to the drinking water to help poultry fight off infections in the crop and other systems.  Using a dropper or mister spray in their eyes to clear up eye infections.  Down through the years we have had a number of hens, whose eyes sealed closed, using this method, worked for us every time.  None of our poultry suffer with lameness, infections or have much problem with mites/parasites.

Conjunctivitis in dogs/cats – A few drops from a dropper into the eye, or sprayed as a mist into the eye, apply each day until the condition clears.  This works great for dogs and cats as well as humans.


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