Making Milk Kefir – Step by Step Guide (Pictures)

Milk kefir is a balanced pro-biotic unlike most probiotic products sold in supermarkets and health food stores, as it contains not only the beneficial bacteria, but also the yeast.  Not including the beneficial yeast in a probiotic is only half the solution, as it leaves a vacum in your intestinal eco-system for non-beneficial yeast to occupy and cause bad health.  The bacteria and yeast in kefir live symbiotically and produce nutrients to help sustain one another.

In milk kefir, the yeast and bacteria, feed off the lactose sugar contained within the milk, so by end of the fermentation process such of the lactose that can cause intolerances are digested.

Starting with a tablespoon of milk kefir.  Add the kefir grains to a clean sterile fermentation jar, about a 1/2 litre jar.  Top up with organic milk, or raw unpasteurised/non-homogenised milk preferably.

Milk kefir grains in a straining tub

We use organic milk as pictured below.

kefir grains in fermentation jar and carton organic milk

Once topped up with milk, leave on a kitchen counter top, out of direct sunlight to ferment.  Shake twice daily until fermented and the milk thickens and the kefir may float to the top.  When straining no metal must be used.  A solution we found, was to take an disused plastic pot and drill 3mm in the bottle to act like a sieve.  Using plastic is not a first preference, as plastic contains BPA, however it tends not to leech BPA so long as the plastic is not heated, so it’s grand to use in this case.

Strain off the milk yoghurt every 24 – 36 hours depending on how well it ferments and fill into a large fermentation pot, like above and leave out for a further 24 hours to fully ferment.

Or you can pot into small yoghurt ports like below.

small milk kefir yogurt pots

Then refrigerate, and it should keep for 2 – 4 weeks.  Return the strained kefir grains to the a freshly washed jar and top up with fresh milk to continue the process for again.  Sometimes we pour the yoghurt into a large pot for use when making the Oatmeal Porridge Bread as a substitute for natural yoghurt.


Silver Water – Some Practical Applications

For our years of experience using silver, we have learned a few tips from others and some of our own.

Around the Home

When you get a wine to a desired sweetness/specific gravity/alcohol content, add a half a cupful of silver water to halt the fermentation process and fix the wine at this level.

Cleaning – Use silver water in a spray bottle to clean down work surfaces and protect against germs.

Health & Well Being

Athlete’s foot – place your freshly washed socks in a bowl and pour silver water over them, wring them out and place on a radiator to dry.  Wear your silver embedded socks, changing them daily until the yeast infection has cleared up.

Jock Rash – if you drive a lot and are prone to an itchy rash around your intimate jewels then put your freshly washed jocks in silver water and again dry on the radiator/hotpress and wear as normal, continue this until the rash has cleared.  This can take about a week or two depending on the severity of the infection.

Sinusitis (blocked sinuses) – we use a teaspoon in a nebuliser twice a day, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, in the morning and later afternoon for three days, and it always clears up.

Chest infections, flus and colds – Usually taking silver water orally is sufficient to stave off a cold or flu, holding the silver water in your mouth for more than 15 seconds allow more of the active silver pass through the thin membrane under your tongue into the bloodstream and around your body, to fight off the infection.  This is by far the most effective system for getting silver particles into the blood.  For chest infection or blocked sinuses, use a teaspoon of silver water in a nebuliser twice a day, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth to target the sinuses and in and out through the mouth to target the chest, works best for us.  We don’t suffer cold and flus as others do, if we feel a cold or flu coming on, its straight for the silver water, we might get the aches and pains, sniffles or wheezy chest for a few hours, but generally it passes within a few hours to a day or day.

Conjunctivitis – A few drops from a dropper into the eye, or sprayed as a mist into the eye, apply each day until the condition clears.

Acne & Spots – A friend uses this one.  From a young man he has suffered terribly with spots/acne.  He went down the mainstream route of steroidal creams and medicated shampoos, they helped alleviate some of the symptoms, but not completely.  He now has stopped all medicated products and using a mister, mists affected areas after a shower or a wash.  His skin is spot free.

Rhinitis/Hay Fever – Taking silver water orally over the year as a maintenance dose prevents the occurrence of rhinitis.

Diverticulitis/Colitis/IBS – Some other friends use the silver water in the treatment of these conditions and have found it to be effective.  Alleviating the cramps, trapped wind, and any infection/overgrowth of non-beneficial microbiota that might be present.

Burns/Insect Bites – Spraying the affected area, seems to relieve the pain, and remove any infection.

Genital/Oral Herpes (Coldsores) – Taking silver water continually for some friends, seems to initially shortened the duration of outbreaks and then eventually stop outbreaks altogether and the infectious cycle.  Others have reported a complete cure to herpes when using silver water in conjunction with protocols such as the “The Bob Beck Protocol”, as there is no conventional treatment available, many are forced to just live with the condition.

Ulcers – Depending on where the ulcer is, silver water can be taken orally to alleviate the ulcer, some find spraying the affected ulcer helps with healing and external ulcers, such as leg sores.

 Veterinary Health

Peritonitis in Dogs – Some pedigree puppies can develop an infection in the stomach or abdominal area, causing the puppies stomach to become hard and swollen.  They are in constant pain and cry continually.  My friend tells me prior to using silver water, he could lose most of a litter as there is no surefire way to cure the condition.  In his experience, he would call the vet, be told there is little to no chance of a recovery, I can give you an antibiotic and hope for the best, but you just might just as well face the fact, they are lost.   My friend took matters into his own hands, feed a tube into the stomach, administered 3 ml of silver water at 10 ppm diluted in 10 mls of water.  Within 20 minutes the stomachs had softened, the puppies stopped crying and they all survived with no lasting effects.

Listeriosis in sheep – I’m not familiar with this condition, other than to know it is caused by a corkscrew shaped bacteria or spirochete and can eventually within a short period cause fatality in sheep.  My same friend who used the silver water in the puppies, visited a brother in law in Scotland, a large sheep farmer and sceptic of silver water.  Two of his flock came down with listeriosis, one more advanced in the condition than the other.  My friend administered 30 mls via tube into the stomachs of both sheep, left them overnight, the following day, there was no change/progression in either of the sheep, but neither were any better, so he upped the dosage to 300mls.  The following day the sheep that was more advanced, showed no improvement, but the other sheep couldn’t be identified from it symptoms, and made a full recovery.  Unfortunately the other died.  This farmer is currently conducting trials using the silver water to test its efficacy, so far the results to date have been promising.

Bee-keeping – To help maintain good bee health, protecting against American/European Foul Brood, etc place a tray filled with glass marbles/pebbles, fill the level of the water to below the level of the pebbles/marbles, so that the bees can land and drink water without getting wet.

Poultry – Add silver water to the drinking water to help poultry fight off infections in the crop and other systems.  Using a dropper or mister spray in their eyes to clear up eye infections.  Down through the years we have had a number of hens, whose eyes sealed closed, using this method, worked for us every time.  None of our poultry suffer with lameness, infections or have much problem with mites/parasites.

Conjunctivitis in dogs/cats – A few drops from a dropper into the eye, or sprayed as a mist into the eye, apply each day until the condition clears.  This works great for dogs and cats as well as humans.


We would love to hear and value your practical tips on the use of silver water.  Please share in the comment boxes below.

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silver heart



Alkalising Homemade Toothpaste

Some months ago we posted a recipe to make your own homemade toothpaste.  We have now been using the toothpaste for several months now and noticed how clean and white our teeth were getting.  The peppermint was really giving the re-freshing taste you usually get with a minted toothpaste and the smell was long-lasting.

We initially found the mix a bit salty, but after a few days we became accustomed to it.  We carried out a few experiments to test the pH before brushing, just after brushing and an hour later.

litmus paper results of saliva prior to brushingBefore Brushing

litmus results for after brushing with homemade toothpaste
Straight after brushing

We found the pH of the saliva
before brushing : 7 – 7.5pHjust after brushing : 9 -10pH
1 hour after brushing : 8pH

These are great results, we tested twice and the results were consistent.   So the homemade toothpaste is a practical toiletry and helpx to alkalise the body to create more favourable living conditions for the body to function and it’s co-occupants the beneficial bacteria and yeast to help them thrive.  They in turn teach our body to recognise the not so good guys and assist us to get rid of them. This is so true in the fight against cancer.  Cancer can not thrive in alkaline conditions. Dr Tulio Simoncini advocated the use of bicarbonate of soda in the treatment of cancer with exceptional results.  As we swallow continually we swallow alkalised

Here’s is the recipe again.  Enjoy.  I love this sentiment, some good friends use it a lot. 🙂

May it bring you joy and nourishment.

homemade toothpaste in a swing top jar
Homemade Toothpaste

Take 1/2 cup of Baking Soda also known as Bicarbonate of Soda or Bread Soda
12 – 15 drops of Peppermint oil
1/2 Teaspoon of Rock/Sea Salt
Moisten with Distilled water and mix well (4 -5 minutes)

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The Colloidal Silver Report – Compiled by Zoe Adams

We came across this booklet about 7 years ago, when a UK supplier of health supplements sold copies of the booklet.  It is by far the most comprehensive booklet we have come across relating to silver colloidal water including the history, dosage, scientific reports and much more.  The author Zoe Adams has done a wonderful job in bringing all this knowledge and information together.

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The Colloidal Silver Report - Compiled by Zoe Adams

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The Trinity of Consciousness & The Expression of Self

Despite the title this post is not about religious beliefs although it will draw on religious ideas to demonstrate that an understanding of the significance of three centres of consciousness may have existed long before current ideas.

The ideas presented are my own opinions and beliefs and are based on my own observations and study. We currently don’t subscribe to any one particular religion, this is not a judgement on other who might, as we believe that many religions hold truths.

My introduction to the trinity was as a young boy being brought up in the Roman Catholic tradition. We were taught that God existed as a trinity, the father, the son and holy ghost and that each part of the trinity was no lesser or greater than the next.

I always had a strong interest in spirituality and growing up I was trying to make sense of this idea of a trinity in the context of we are made in the image and likeness of God. So I began to subscribe labels to the aspects of the trinity, such as body (Christ) and mind (the father, the creator) and spirit (holy ghost ). This helped me as a young child better understand and relate to these ideas to my already growing curiosity about spirituality and the nature of my own consciousness. I knew I had a body, a mind and believed I had a spirit, albeit I couldn’t prove it so this made sense.

I carried these ideas with me until I was in my 20’s and began exploring Paganism as a religion. It was during this time, I learned that in Paganism, they also have a sacred trinity that is thought to pre-date the Christian teachings.

Most Pagans, believe in the trinity as being the virgin, mother and crone (old woman). These aspects represent the three stages of life, albeit for the female gender or feminine energy.

I remember also as a child having a strong fixation of symbols that had three aspects to them. Triangles, like the all seeing eye, the triskele that features on the key stones of many stone age monuments including Newgrange, County Meath (See image below).

Triskele carving from New Grange, County Meath, Ireland

In 2006, I was offered a place on an Enneagram course, with a wonderful lady (Catherine Brennan), who happened to be a Roman Catholic nun, she I believe studied the Enneagram in Belfast in the 1960’s when she herself was young nun at a time when Vatican II had emerged with a new mandate to better serve the people. Many clergy valued the old ways which as it happened placed the clergy in a position of authority above the people it was suppose to serve, with Vatican II, the clergy would come out from behind the closed doors and gates of their orders and live and work amongst the people as equals, disregarding old protocols and dress values.

The Enneagram is a technique to better help the student understand their personality and it’s origin and with conscious awareness, practice of meditation and tasks, heal aspects of the personality called the shadow and integrate it back into the conscious self to heal oneself.

Some of the clergy feared the teaching of the Enneagram, as it was considered a tool for empowerment, and they believed this might draw the people away from the church. Others embraced it and saw it as a means to help alleviate the suffering within humanity. Some of the traditionalist clergy and opposers of the Enneagram, some I have spoken to, believe that the Enneagram puts people into a box. I can understand how this might appear, but if the man/woman has a strong desire to improve their lives, they will use the tools and techniques given as part of the Enneagram to enhance their self awareness and change negative behavioural patterns.

On a personal note, the Enneagram has helped me better understand others, helping me to work with people I might otherwise have had difficulties with. It has improved the way I communicate with others. It has also enhanced my own self awareness and understanding of my own and others consciousness. I couldn’t recommend it enough and for my highest reason it helped me overcome severe depression, negative thinking and social awkwardness. The difference between want and need and to understand the origins of my personality and what caused it and how to overcome the ego.

The Enneagram draws it sources from many schools of religious and spiritual teachings all around the world. Aspects of the Enneagram can be found in Sufism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism and many more I’m sure. It’s not clear if the knowledge came to settle in these religious and spiritual schools from an earlier source or at a later point. I believe it’s from an earlier source.

The Enneagram as it’s taught, centres on the belief that we are created of pure essence (love) and that events in our lives particularly before the age of 5 and including our time in the womb manifest a fracturing of our pure essence and we begin to seek love from outside ourselves.

The notion of pure essence is that of without judgement, without fear, without condition. A sense of I have everything I need and I want for nothing. Events happen in our early childhood and we don’t always have the understanding to reason what has happened, these events sometimes perceptive and others real, cause fear to be manifested and we fracture our pure essence.

Consciousness within the Enneagram school of teaching, is divided into three centres of expression, the head, the heart and the gut. Yet another trinity. When we express from one centre of consciousness to the detriment of another, we express the ego.

The Enneagram seeks to enable the learner, how to re-connect with the aspects of their consciousness they have shut themselves off from or are unaware of. Expressing from all three centres of consciousness in unity, is living from essence.

Pagans although perhaps lost in understanding and teachings through the centuries, practice unity of consciousness in the practice of magic, however I haven’t seen it being taught as a technique for day to day living or as a tool of personal freedom/self awareness, this is only my own observation and I have had limited contact with the various branches that are, I have only have experience of one branch, but have read the teachings from a few others.

Pagans cast a ritual circle to contain the energy they will manifest in ritual, they place symbolic objects, colours and scents in the ritual area, and perform sequenced rituals/spells, to occupy the left brain, then through music of different frequencies, such as drumming for the gut and air or stringed instruments to activate the heart. The right brain is then free to express unhampered by the left brain and so the expression of all three centres of consciousness is used to create the desired change in the universe.

What I understand about ritualistic magic is the mind must be liberated from pre-programming, and negative thinking, this is achieved by occupying the left brain, the heart must desire the change and music is used a trigger to open the heart, actions are performed or effigies used and the ritual can sometimes freefall into an intuitive ritual, this engages the gut.

Depression and/or anxiety arisens when we express ego, we judge ourselves and others, and have a skewed vision of the world. It is much more common than many people realise.  Many people suffer with it and its severity varies from individual to individual.  It manifests itself in different ways depending on your personality.

It can start with negative thinking, suppressed emotions or your sense of power been taken from you.  What all these have in common is fear, back in our earliest memories, events happen and depending on our perception can be misunderstood or perceived as being threatening and we develop a response or coping mechanism that we continue to use throughout most of our lives until we become aware of it.  We call this coping mechanism our personality/ego.  Our personality may work to obscure our vision and it denies us the ability to change and adapt to life and we continually play out the same response to situations time and time again. When we suffer from depression or anxiety, we elevate one centre of consciousness to the detriment of the other two and use it to cope and perceive the world.

When all three centres of consciousness are expressed we feel empowered, energised, positive, loving, adaptive and intuitive.

Many schools of spirituality and religion share these beliefs in the form of the triple god/triple goddess or trinity.  In Paganism, the trinity was formed by the virgin, the mother and the crone.  The virgin represented physical vitality, which is the Gut, the mother represented the heart, and the crone, the old one, represented the head or wisdom.

The traits are their principal qualities and are not mutually exclusive much like we don’t solely express one aspect of consciousness to the exclusion of the other and so it was with the druids, there were three main distinctions/levels on the path to druidary.  The bard (lowest), the ovate (middle) and druid (highest).  The bard was a master of the spoken and written word, he also knew medicine, folklore, the basic tenets of law and was primarily concerned with physical control over the world, the ovate was expected to master as a bard, before undertaking his study as a ovate, he was a master of sound, music and the use of sound to create influence/change through the heart of listener, the druid mastered the mind and intellect, using thought to create and influence change in the world.

Interestingly the Christian trinity can also be viewed in much the same way.  Jesus was made man, therefore he represents the physical (gut), the Holy Spirit/Ghost represents the heart and God the Father, the head.

One of the earliest writers on the subject, if not the earliest was a Druid known as Amirgen, he came to Ireland from Galicea (Northern Spain) at the end of the Bronze Age, beginning of the Iron Age.  He was a spiritual seeker.  He described his journey through poetry (or poesy an old word for poetry).  In one of his poems later titled by scholars “The Cauldron of Poesy” which was first written down in the 7th Century speaks of this division of consciousness, but reflects beliefs from many centuries before.

Interestingly the author of this work describes the division of consciousness into three cauldrons in the tradition of the druids.  The druids used the analogy of the cauldron to describe a vortex or container of energy, which represents the three centres of consciousness.

The full translation can be found here:

Original sources can be found here:

(Thanks to Clare C. for introducing me to it.)

The Buddhist and Hindus share similar ideas on consciousness.

Three is a significant number in nature and also in law, but much of law has its origins in spiritual and religious ideas.  A trust is considered a single entity, made up of three distinct parties.  Each party has a particular role to fulfil, in order for the trust to function or fulfil its mandate or deed of trust.  Without each other, the three parties to a trust are without purpose.

Just as in our creation, we manifest three distinct centres of consciousness, the head for thinking, the heart for feeling and the gut for intuition and action.  Amirgen describes the gut as the cauldron of incubation, and perhaps aptly named, as it’s here that most of the energy we need for sustaining our physical body is derived and a centre of consciousness that has the highest concentration of microbiota anywhere in the body, which in themselves are conscious beings.

The heart he referred to as the cauldron of motion.  If we look at the etymology of original meaning of the word emotion, it gives us clues.  1570s, “a (social) moving, stirring, agitation,” from Middle French émotion (16c.), from Old French emouvoir “stir up” (12c.), from Latin emovere “move out, remove, agitate.

Words that seem to fit are social moving, as motion is movement, and the Latin emovere to move out.  The heart just like the other centres of consciousness give out a powerful electromagnetic energy, that in the case of the heart is much more powerful than the head or gut.  Scientists today can detect this energy field up to 14 kilometres away and that is only limited by the sensitivity of the equipment.  The heart is considered by many to play the most important role in the creation of our reality.

If we feel love, that is what we attract and manifest in our lives.  If we feel fear, that is what will manifest for us.  I believe all emotions can be categorised either as being love or fear.  For example envy is a fear of inadequacy, anger is the fear of being vulnerable etc.

Good wolf, bad wolf

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”


I remember the advice from a man I have great respect for, a pioneer in self-sufficiency Pete D. (Meath), who told me at the time, as soon as was practicable move away from fighting as it will consume you and your life.

The head, Amirgen describes as the cauldron of wisdom, and we associate the head with thinking, knowledge, experience etc.

Biologists discovered that the gut has a high concentration of nerve cells as does the heart, just like the brain.  The nerve cells covering the surface of the heart are called a neural net and in the case of recipient obtaining a donor heart, they receive more than just an organ.  In some cases, the recipient, gains abilities, traits that were not previously within them.  One famous example was an illiterate man receiving the heart of a writer and poet and he developed a strong desire to express himself through writing.  Another man who led a sedentary life, received the heart of an extreme sports enthusiast and just as with the poet, not knowing the origin of the heart, began taking more risks in life and wanted to do a parachute jump.  These are only a few examples, but there are many.

Interestingly each centre of consciousness gives out an electromagnetic field, each receptive to each other. As within almost every living cell, human and other organisms exists cryptochromes, small organelles sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Many species of animal exploit this sensitivity to enable them to migrate and find their way.

Our gut bacteria sense this electromagnetic field and when we are in the presence of others people and animals we can sense their field. Have you ever noticed when you are in the company of people who express fear or anger towards you, you can sense it, you might experience it as I do in the gut, you might feel butterflies or heavy sinking feeling? Alternatively you might feel content, settled and energised in the company of people who are happy and uplifted.

As I said earlier, the heart gives out the most powerful electromagnetic field, it of all the centres of consciousness has the most powerful role to play in creation or destruction. Hence why I believe many wise people have said “life is a journey to the heart”.

The pagans and others are definitely on the right line when they unite all centres to create in reality, using the heart as the vehicle for change.

To understand how we destroy as opposed to create, depression or thinking negatively, it is a put or push down, a lowering of value of our thinking or feelings or our actions, when we become conscious of this we should trace the origins of the event that kickstarted this pattern of behaviour and release ourselves from this the burden.

We both were also inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the Four Agreements.  A book written and based on the Toltec system of spirituality which likens social and personal relationships to legal contracts in that when we form a negative relationship, it is because we break one or more of the four agreements/contracts.

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

He writes that when we break negative cycles of behaviour and begin to apply the four agreements with ourselves and others, all the energy that had gone into the creation of a negative contract, is restored to us.

Thanks to Gary R, for the introduction to “The Four Agreements”

The separation of the three centres of consciousness and an emphasis on one to the exclusion of the other two leads to expression of ego, or fear based reality, whereas operating from all three centres of consciousness leads to a place of love and happiness.

Depression can also be viewed as having a biological and chemical origin.  A overgrowth of non-beneficial microbiota in the gut, can lead to mood swings, lethargy and sense of being unwell.  Chemically depression can be contributed to by a deficiency of nutrients in our food.  One prime example is iodine.  Today because of changes in agriculture, grassland is regularly re-seeded and livestock graze on only a small sample of plants and grasses, as farming practice only recommends a handful of seed varieties to reseed pasture.  Prior to this practice, livestock may have grazed on hundreds of varieties of plants.  We are what we eat and animals are no different.  If an animal is deficient in nutrients, all food products derived from that animal will carry that deficiency, and so it is with iodine and magnesium.  This is can also be seen in fruit and vegetable growing, when crops are not rotated and farmers rely of artificial nutrients to enrich the soil or use manure from animals grazing on deficient pasture, this leads to nutrient deficiency in the plants.  Today because of modern farming practices we are seeing significant levels of less iodine and magnesium, minerals that play a major role in the health of our bodies and in particular our nervous and endocrine (hormonal) systems.

In various schools of spirituality, there is a belief that perpetuates, that sickness or illness, moves from the spiritual to the mental, to the emotional and then to the physical.  I’m not sure if this is entirely true, but there is some substance to it.

To that end, depression should not be pigeon holed into one category it should be examined from many aspects, emotional, psychological, physiological, diet, exercise, drug use etc.

I believe that all living things are part of the divine consciousness from the humblest bacteria to ourselves and other animals. To consciously wish harm or cause harm to another is to harm oneself.

The path to enlightenment can be achieved through love or it’s opposite fear. I personally chose the path of love. To seek perfection in oneself is to have it reflected to you in others. We are neither above nor below, we are everything. If we experience fear or angry we are afraid of being vulnerable. Living from love, is a place of abundance. Resisting something causes it to persist, whatever it is in your life you run from, face it and accept it, then begin to take conscious control of it, you have the capacity to shape the universe to mirror your highest expression, love.

Forgiveness is key, whoever has wronged you, forgive them and send them love. For they are you and you are them. Most of the time it was only your ego that was wounded, reflect on this as I hope you will see as I do. We carry fear and anger, long after a negative event has happened, or even after the perpetrator has passed on. Who then continues to punish us? Ourselves. We are all children from birth to death, constantly learning the wonder that is life. Jesus of Nazareth once said “Forgive those who trespass against us and forgive us our trespasses”. See the best in others, and keeping the second agreement, not to make assumptions about what others said or felt is a good help.

There is a story about two Buddhist monks, an elderly monk and a young novice. They meet a prostitute on the rivers edge, all three seeking to cross. The young monks offers to carry the woman across the river, and the three cross together. The young monk leaves the woman on the other side and the two monks continue onward on their journey. The old monk turns to the younger and asks why did you do that for that woman, she is a prostitute. The young monk, turns and replies and said I left her by the rivers edge, you carry her with you.

The ego (n), from 1714, as a term in metaphysics, “the self; that which feels, acts, or thinks,” from Latin ego “I” (cognate with Old English ic; see I) Feels, acts or thinks, head, heart and gut again :-).

So the origin of I is ego. The ego is the personality or personae, a mask that we wear to have our needs met externally. Essence is the core of who we are, in completion, not needing anything externally. Hence why it is said “a man wants for nothing”. I often wondered why I is the only pronoun that is capitalised. We seldom question this. Are we more important than others? Are we not equal. If we look at the “i” uncapitalised, what does it look like, perhaps …….a man? The dot above the main stem of the letter represents the head. This would fit with the term capitalise, cap from the latin head. Hence de-capitate! So when capitalise we lose our heads and our ability to self-govern, create. Therefore we should lose the ego. In Roman Civil Law, the capitalisation of the name, represented your status as a citizen. There were three classes.

Capitis deminutio or capitis diminutio (lit. “decrease of head”) is a term used in Roman law, referring to the extinguishing, either in whole or in part, of a person’s former legal capacity. As the Romans only used majuscule letters (capital) and had no minuscule letters, this does not refer to capital letters in a name.

There were three changes of state or condition attended with different consequences: maxima, media, and minima. The greatest, capitis deminutio maxima, involved the loss of liberty, citizenship, and family (e.g. being made a slave or prisoner of war). The next change of state, capitis deminutio media, consisted of a loss of citizenship and family without any forfeiture of personal liberty. The least change of state, capitis deminutio minima, consisted of a person ceasing to belong to a particular family, without loss of liberty or citizenship.[1]

Blacks Law Dictionary provides the following definition:

Capitis Diminutio (meaning the diminishing of status) I

capitis deminutio maxima e.g. JOE BLOGGS
capitis deminutio media e.g. Joe BLOGGS
capitis deminutio minima e.g. Joe Bloggs

As we adopted Roman Civil Law this application of status has continued within our current legal systems. Our ego is our Achilles heel, it allows other egos/persons to attach liabilities to us. We accept liability for the ego/person when we have caused no harm, injury or loss. Anywhere where our names are printed as above are classes of persons and represent the ego.

Many people call this path to enlightenment by the term Sovereignty, a realisation that we are the creators of our reality, our conscious will/wish is our most divine law. Men and women create the ego/person. We as men and women have divine right and will to create, and written as a self evident truth or maxim of law, the creation shall not challenge the creator.

What we see in others is a reflection of ourselves, as I believe what we see in the world and in others is what’s within us. If we believe something, then it is true. For us it is truth, others may view it differently.

It has been said by great philosophers and more lately quantum physicists the only thing we can we certain of, is that we observe, everything else is subjective. So we should never impose our world view on others, accept others as they are.

To change our reality we must first begin by changing our own consciousness. As above so below, as within so without. As Gandhi once said “be the change you want to see in the world”.

There is a belief that is expressed by many truth seekers and activists, that we must fight and challenge wrong in the world, I understand this viewpoint and for many it is their path as was mine and still is at times. However in more recent times, I have chosen to live a life of love, happiness, abundance and self sufficiency and I respect those who chose to live otherwise.

I believe that resistance is persistence, if we want to change our world begin with oneself, avoid a fight as fighting is an expression of anger and fear and aggression fuels aggression, simply create an alternative, cut the energy supply off to the negative and it will diminish and wither.

We might believe we need to unite under a common umbrella, we are already united and division is only a construct of the mind. As a collective consciousness what one does affects the other, without seemingly direct or apparent connection. In isolation we are still changing each other. Even those who chose to fight have a purpose and a valid role but ultimately we are all heading in the same direction.

Animals that discover new food sources or solutions, seem to communicate this to other members of the same species, spontaneously and instantly although separate. A monkey learned to wash sand soiled mangos in the river, she taught her young and other members of her troop, this behaviour began to manifest in other remote groups of the same species. Scientist call this “The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon” or perhaps the collective unconsciousness? Patent offices report the same phenomenon, that when a new idea arises, similar patents are all received in around the same time all around the world.

We don’t need to live in isolation, after all we are social beings and we should surround ourselves with others of like mind. Sharing energy, abundance and love is life’s ultimate goal.

I have been invited to give a workshop on the Enneagram in the coming weeks in Wexford, Ireland and am delighted to be able to do to share this knowledge.  I am open to invitation to do the same for other groups where ever they may be.

Bright Blessings



Which Probiotic?

There are two leading products that many would recommend, that including ourselves up until recently for to re-populate the gut with beneficial microbiota, whether it be following a course of antibiotics, or in the treatment of a yeast infection or other inflammatory condition.

These are Udos Super 8 and Pre-Bio 7.  Our experience and everything we have learned about the importance of a healthy microbiome explains why the efficacy of these products is limited.

The gut is a microbiome of different species of micro-organisms and the two of greatest importance are the bacteria and yeasts.  Modern antibiotics are derived from the chemicals excreted during the warfare that takes place between certain yeasts and bacteria, each having it own biological weapon to defend its territory against the incursion of another micro-organism, either inhibiting it’s growth or completely killing the intruder.

Modern medicine seldom tests for the micro-organism that is causing disease, doctors often prescribe broad spectrum anti-biotics that indiscriminately kill both the beneficial bacteria, yeasts and the disease causing micro-organism.

Our goal in re-populating the gut should be to seed it with micro-organisms that not only co-exist peacefully, but enhance each others chance of survival, success and well-being.  Such communities of yeasts and bacteria do exist but not in either of the products listed above.  Both Udos Super 8 and Pre-Bio 7 seed the gut with just one form of micro-organism and may give some initial benefit but in the longterm these products in our opinion are over-priced placebos.

Kefir is one good source of natural occurring probiotic.  The gelatinous grains contain a handful of both beneficial bacteria and yeasts living symbiotically.  Both groups provide nutrients for each other that they are not genetically programmed to produce, thus feeding each other and co-existing naturally and harmoniously.

We believe that many of the inflammatory conditions and yeast infections that exist today can be greatly helped by a number of lifestyle and dietary changes not limited to the removal of harmful emf (including all forms of wireless communication such as wifi, bluetooth, 3g, & 4g), changing from microwave cooking to direct heat source, a severing of meat consumption or at the very least a serious curtailment, eating organic raw fruit and vegetables, cutting out processed sugar from your diet, drinking silver colloidal water every day, alkalising the body through our food and drink choices and finally drinking kefir water or milk kefir everyday.

We have written and posted a number of articles relating to these topics which you might also find beneficial.

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Colloidal Silver
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You will also find links to making Milk & Water Kefir here
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Please share your comments and tips on what you have done in the fight against inflammatory conditions and yeast overgrowth.


Cooking with Microwave Ovens – Turns good food to bad

In the study of biochemistry we look at the shape of proteins and how this shape or confirmation affects its nature, purpose.

When we change the shape of a protein we call this de-naturing. A lot of food preservation and cooking results in the de-naturing of proteins, a very visible example is a poached or fried egg, the heat causes changes in the egg protein albumen and egg white turns from a translucent colour to white.

Microwaves work by creating a powerful resonance field created by a device called a magnetron, that excites the water molecules present in most food. The frequency of the wave is matched to water and the molecules of water begin to vibrate wildly, causing friction/heat.

Microwave cooking causes extreme and sudden heat changes, unlike gradual radiating heat from conventional heating.  This rapid heat change is the reason why microwaved food cooks quicker but also accounts for an increased de-naturing of proteins within the food.

Hence why the food taste substantially different. The protein shapes have been so radically altered the food tastes different and it’s texture is also altered significantly.


Microwaves are marketed as being safe to use and eat from, we believe that as the food molecules are so radically altered, the body and microbiome can’t lock onto to proteins and food molecules altered by the microwave cooking process. Many of the more complex molecular processes in the body, use a lock and key mechanism to recognise each other. When the food is so altered, this will not happen. The food does not properly digest and why some people report that microwaved food sits in their digestive system and doesn’t seem to move.

It wouldn’t be fair to levy a charge on the microwave oven that it and it alone is a food damaging form of cooking.  In truth all cooking methods de-nature proteins, however we believe that the microwave causes more de-naturing.  When you take this to its natural conclusion, perhaps advocates of eating raw foods are bang on the nail.

Microwaves have been shown to change even the structure of water on it’s own, to the point that plants fed with microwaved water, wither and die.  In the control of this experiment, water was heated by conventional means to the same temperature as the microwaved water. Both samples were cooled before being fed to the plants.

Furthermore we are told that microwave ovens do not allow microwave radiation to escape from within the oven.  Place your mobile/cell into the oven, ring it.  It will ring.  Ok you might say, that proves nothing, signals are able to enter the microwave, that’s what I thought at first, then you realise the cell/mobile is communicating with the cell tower, in order for the phone to ring it must be connected to the cell tower.  That means the phone is emitting microwaves from within the oven and these signals are powerful enough to reach the tower many miles away from within the oven.

Throw out your microwave and when you eat out insist that your food is not microwaved.

Artificial Sweetners and the Effect on the Microbiome

You might have noticed that a good many of the posts we share, relate to the gut, microbiota, probiotics and natural antiobiotics.  This is because we believe that a major factor in good health starts with looking after the health of the community of good bacteria and yeast, collectively referred to as microbiome.

In cases of a yeast or bacterial overgrowth, we have used Silver Colloidal Water and ozonated water to as natural antibiotics to kill off an overgrowth of bad microbiota and complimenting this treatment with the use of probiotics to replenish the microbiome with health-friendly ones.  If you haven’t already introduced silver colloidal water into your home, you definitely consider it.  We make silver colloidal/ionic generators from a tried and tested design that we use ourselves.  Visit our shop for more information our inform yourself about the benefits of this wonderful natural antibiotic by reading the following report compiled by Zoe Adams.  Colloidal Silver Report

We don’t keep a stock of ozonators but we do have them available to order for around 30Euro.  We ship worldwide.  If you are interested email us at or visit our shop where we will be adding the product specs for backorder.

The microbiome plays a pivotal role in our health and well-being, and many conditions that are related to the gut, however far removed they may be, as the evidence plays out may definitely have their origins in the gut.  Conditions such as type II diabetes, asthma, eczema, chrohns, IBS, diverticulitis, dermatitis, brain fog, and rheumatoid arthritis to name but a few.

We often see people drinking sugar-free sodas/softdrinks, in our minds when we see fat-free or sugar free, we begin to question, well how is it removed and what is it replaced with and more often than not the methods and alternatives are not good for our health.  Secondly aluminium is not a metal that should be used anywhere in relation to food and drink and many of this softdrinks/sodas are in cans.  Aluminium has had a long standing relationship with neurological conditions such as alzheimers.



Antibiotics and their dangers

Today the over-prescription of antibiotics is one of the single most detrimental effects to our long-term health. This is because in most cases the causative pathogen (disease causing microbe) is seldom cultured and identified. Broad spectrum antibiotics are prescribed to indiscriminately kill all, this includes many of the good bacteria and yeasts beneficial to our health.

I believe that broad spectrum antibiotics should be only given in a life or death situation and doctors/teachers should have more training in food choices that support a healthy body. Foods that alkalise the body, contain less/no processed sugars and free from chemical preservatives and an emphasis on preventative medicine by encouraging eating pro and pre biotic foods.

The role doctors, teachers and government play in parenting our children is huge and not to be underestimated, can we always trust that the parenting they give will always be impartial, I think not.

Big pharmaceuticals have a stranglehold on humanities life and death and seek to create customers not cures type attitude. Many professions are unwittingly aiding and abetting these corporates.


Over a lifetime we accumulate a plethora of bacteria that add to our immunity, they are a legacy from the birth canal and breast milk and our environment.

Successive prescriptions of antibiotics kill off more and more colonies of good microbiota in the gut and this in turn weakens our immunity to disease.  It’s only really in the last 20 years that the relationship between our gut flora and fauna and our health has been more truly understood and we are still learning about the pivotal role they play in our well-being, not just for immunity against disease, but the food choices that we make, our moods, energy levels, longevity and contribution they play in our consciousness.

There are so many factors today to bring to mind, that it must be difficult for someone new to health awareness to juggle when it comes to well-being. There is organic vs commercially grown, additives, bad sugars v’s good sugars, gmo, chemtrails, mass medication (fluoridation), cholesterol and it’s myths, cookware, chlorination of our drinking water (killing our good microbiota), electro-magnetic radiation, food additives and preservatives and I’m sure there are many more.

We are being naive if we believe that corporations always act with conscience and for the betterment of humanity. They are soulless, and with no conscience, non-living entities, who highest purpose is to survive economically and measure the health of corporate well-being, based on the financial figures such as gross and net profit and turnover. Their basic operating instructions and nature of the business are filed as a memorandum and articles of association. Today more and more, performance related pay is an aspect of daily work life, it use to be the preserve of private enterprise but it has made it’s way into public sector corporates. So the health of the nation is and will be for now, the bottom line, the profitability of the institution. Unless we decide to take responsibility and take ownership of our our immediate reality.

A few buzz phrases in the consciousness community is as within, so without and resistance leads to persistence. It is drummed into us at an early age that we are individuals, we are, but we are collective, and our lives and choices, impact others around us and the global community. Our biggest power does not lie with the ballot box, todays society votes by consumer choices. If we truly want to change the without to mirror the within, stop fighting and giving away your energy, start living, being happy and making good choices in food, clothing etc. Products that repairable, engineered to last, sustainable, buy local and avoid buying from war-mongering nations.

The tip is to start something every month, that raises your awareness, changes your lifestyle for the better, breaks the dependency of corporate and governmental bodies. Bit by bit you will get there. Another good tip is keep a book, with recipes and notes explaining key ideas and terms. The loss of the mulch-generational home has been the biggest significant factor in the dissolution of our society, heritage, an wealth of knowledge and experience passing from generation to generation. Someone once said united we stand, divided we fall and this is so true. Keep this book and pass the knowledge and experience you gain to your children.

Finally to target bad microbiota, research anti-inflammatory and alkalising foods food and drinks, bolster your weakened immune system with silver water, which incidentally has been shown to have an alkalising effect, does not indiscriminately kill, it mostly targets bad bacteria, because of the difference in cell membrane polarity.

Check our blog and archives for more information. Thanks for reading, your comments as always are welcome.

Wifi and it’s Dangers

Wi-Fi Signals Linked to Cancer, Infertility, Heart Problems and 7 More Immediate Warning Signs

Wi-Fi Signals Linked to Cancer, Infertility, Heart Problems and 7 More Immediate Warning Signs

WiFi is convenient but many have raised doubts concerning the safety of unseen forces that permeate everything around us. Since the introduction of Wi-Fi in 1997, researchers have performed dozens of studies to explore the subject. The results are clear and shocking — Wifi can negatively affect overall health and brain health, especially in children.

Perhaps most shocking is that this information is not new or even that controversial. In fact, in 2008 the well-renowned publication Scientific American ran a piece called “Mind Control by Cell Phone” which explained the danger Wi-Fi has on the human brain. Let’s further explore the potential dangers of Wi-Fi with these 10 facts.

1. Contributes to the Development of Insomnia
Have you ever felt more awake after using Wi-Fi or even struggled to sleep through the night? Reports of these phenomena have been frequent and even prompted a study in 2007 that evaluated low-frequency modulation from cell phones and its impact on sleep. Participants were exposed to the electromagnetic signals from real phones, or no signal from fake phones. Those exposed to the electromagnetic radiation had a significantly more difficult time falling asleep and changes in brainwave patterns were observed.
It’s been suggested that sleeping near a phone, in a home with Wi-Fi, or in an apartment building with many Wi-Fi signals can create chronic sleep problems as the constant bombardment of Wi-Fi pollution interferes with falling asleep and sleep patterns. For many, sleep deprivation is just the start for larger problems. The development of depression and hypertension have also been linked to inadequate sleep.

2. Damaging to Childhood Development
Exposure to non-thermal radio frequency radiation from Wi-Fi and cellular phones can disrupt normal cellular development, especially fetal development. A 2004 animal study linked exposure to delayed kidney development.  These findings were supported by a 2009 Austrian study. In fact, the disruption of protein synthesis is so severe that authors specifically noted, “this cell property is especially pronounced in growing tissues, that is, in children and youth. Consequently, these population groups would be more susceptible than average to the described effects.” In short, bathing the developmentally young in Wi-Fi increases their risk of developmental issues.

3. Affects Cell Growth
When a group of Danish ninth graders experienced difficulty concentrating after sleeping with their cell phones by their head, they performed an experiment to test the effect of wireless Wi-Fi routers on garden cress. One set of plants was grown in a room free of wireless radiation; the other group grown next to two routers that released the same amount of radiation as a cell phone. The results? The plants nearest the radiation didn’t grow.

4. Derails Brain Function
Just as the Danish high schoolers noticed problems with concentration, scientists have begun to look at the impact of 4G radiation on brain function. Using MRI technology, research performed just last year found that persons exposed to 4G radiation had several areas of reduced brain activity.

5. Reduces Brain Activity in Females
A group of 30 healthy volunteers, 15 men and 15 women, were given a simple memory test. First, the entire group was tested without any exposure to Wi-Fi radiation — no problem. Then, they were exposed to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi from a wireless access point for about 45 minutes. During that portion of the testing, brain activity was measured and the women had a noticeable change in brain activity and energy levels. Sorry ladies! But guys, don’t get too comfortable…

6. Neutralizes Sperm
…Because we’ve known for a long time that the heat generated by laptops kills sperm. Well, now it turns out that heat isn’t the only threat to a man’s virility. Research has found exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies reduce sperm movement and cause DNA fragmentation. Both human and animal testing has confirmed that exposure negatively affects sperm.

7. May Impact Fertility
And, it’s not just sperm. The results of an animal study suggest that some wireless frequencies may prevent egg implantation. During the study, mice exposed 2 hours a day for 45 days had significantly increased oxidative stress levels. The cellular damage and impact on DNA structure from exposure suggests a strong possibility of abnormal pregnancy or failure of the egg to implant. The Karolinska Institute in Sweden released a warning in 2011, stating:

“Pregnant women are cautioned to avoid using wireless devices themselves and distance themselves from other users,”
“Current US [and Canada]…standards for radio frequency and microwave radiation from wireless technology are entirely inadequate,” and
“Safety standards also ignore the developing fetus…”

8. Provokes Cardiac Stress
If you think your heart races when surrounded by wireless networks or 3G or LTE cell phones, it may not be in your head. A study involving 69 subjects reported that many of them experienced a real physical response to electromagnetic frequencies. Exactly what was the physical response? Increased heart rate — similar to the heart rate of an individual under stress.

9. Linked to Cancer?
This is extremely controversial but we can’t ignore that plenty of animal models indicate that exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of tumor development. While human studies are rare, reports and case studies abound. One such case involves a young 21-year-old woman who developed breast cancer. What makes this case unique was that her family did not have a predisposition to breast cancer… and she developed the tumor right on the spot she carried her cell phone in her bra.

10. You Can Protect Yourself
Although mainstream outlets may ignore the proven dangers, especially in the US and Canada, researchers have identified several methods that can offer a level of defense. First off, reduced melatonin seems to correspond with exposure. Thus, increasing melatonin through supplementation may help offset some of the effects. In animal tests, L-Carnitine provides antioxidant support for nutrients negatively affected by 2.4 GHz radiation

Limiting Exposure and Staying Healthy

Although melatonin and L-Carnitine offer nutritional defense, they don’t block exposure. And that’s very hard to accomplish anyway. Look at coverage maps from cell phone companies, or notice how many Wi-Fi networks your smart phone prompts for you to join. We’re surrounded and bombarded by electromagnetic radiation. Blocking exposure is difficult but there are a few small steps you can take. For one, do not keep cell phones, laptops, and tablets close to your body. And if it’s not being used, shut them off (your wireless router too). There are also a number of devices available to counteract electromagnetic frequencies. Check out these ways to protect yourself from laptop radiation and cell phone radiation, too.


Here is some useful tips to remove/reduce your exposure to these dangerous wireless signals from Comhceol

  • Stop using the microwave
  • Put the mobile phones on speaker and hold them as far away from your body as you can.
  • Put them in flight mode or off when you sleep.
  • A stop gap solution, put your wireless router on a timer and have it switched off whilst you sleep.
  • A permanent solution is to have a wired network installed in your home/business. This uses the buildings internal wiring system to send the internet around your home/business. It doesn’t require any wiring and involves the programming and plugging in of adapters to send and receive the broadband signal and disabling wifi on your home router. Wireless can be switched off and on at will and can be used to completely eradicate or reduce wifi exposure from inside your home. They are called powerline adapters.
  • Don’t consent to the installation of smart metering in your home. Form or contact a local group to prevent the installation of these meters in your community.
  • Don’t be tempted to upgrade to 3G or 4G mobile phones, say no.
  • Switch off Sat Navs when not in use.
  • Disable data and bluetooth on your phone, again when not in use.
  • Switch off your in car handsfree bluetooth device in your car. If you don’t use one, ensure your car stereo (many new sets have bluetooth built in) is switched off.
    Use a usb wired headset for Skype/VOIP calls.
  • Switch your cordless phones and base unit off and consider installing a wired phone.
  • Many wireless IP cameras can be switched to wired and plugged into a socket as described earlier, even if your don’t have ethernet cabling to the camera.
  • Switch off Sure Signal altogether if possible or on timer to switch off as your sleep, these devices use the internet to route all your Vodafone calls and texts through the internet and emit a 3G signal, effectively switching on a 3G mast in your home.

If your not convinced that microwave radiation is a danger to your health, sit beside your wireless router for an hour, observe and see do you feel different. Go to a telecommunications tower and see do you observe any birds roosting on the transmitter. Do you feel any noticeable differences in your sense of well-being from close proximity to the transmitter.

Have you experienced negative side effects of Wi-Fi? What measures have you taken to protect yourself and your family? Please leave a comment below and share your experience with us!