Making Milk Kefir – Step by Step Guide (Pictures)

Milk kefir is a balanced pro-biotic unlike most probiotic products sold in supermarkets and health food stores, as it contains not only the beneficial bacteria, but also the yeast.  Not including the beneficial yeast in a probiotic is only half the solution, as it leaves a vacum in your intestinal eco-system for non-beneficial yeast to occupy and cause bad health.  The bacteria and yeast in kefir live symbiotically and produce nutrients to help sustain one another.

In milk kefir, the yeast and bacteria, feed off the lactose sugar contained within the milk, so by end of the fermentation process such of the lactose that can cause intolerances are digested.

Starting with a tablespoon of milk kefir.  Add the kefir grains to a clean sterile fermentation jar, about a 1/2 litre jar.  Top up with organic milk, or raw unpasteurised/non-homogenised milk preferably.

Milk kefir grains in a straining tub

We use organic milk as pictured below.

kefir grains in fermentation jar and carton organic milk

Once topped up with milk, leave on a kitchen counter top, out of direct sunlight to ferment.  Shake twice daily until fermented and the milk thickens and the kefir may float to the top.  When straining no metal must be used.  A solution we found, was to take an disused plastic pot and drill 3mm in the bottle to act like a sieve.  Using plastic is not a first preference, as plastic contains BPA, however it tends not to leech BPA so long as the plastic is not heated, so it’s grand to use in this case.

Strain off the milk yoghurt every 24 – 36 hours depending on how well it ferments and fill into a large fermentation pot, like above and leave out for a further 24 hours to fully ferment.

Or you can pot into small yoghurt ports like below.

small milk kefir yogurt pots

Then refrigerate, and it should keep for 2 – 4 weeks.  Return the strained kefir grains to the a freshly washed jar and top up with fresh milk to continue the process for again.  Sometimes we pour the yoghurt into a large pot for use when making the Oatmeal Porridge Bread as a substitute for natural yoghurt.


The Hara/Gut/Belly

The Hara/Gut/Belly

A much maligned or misunderstood energy centre or Consciousness Centre is the Hara (or Belly). Its here we hold our fear, our attachments to things, people and animals etc, our anger, our sense of contentment, our sense of inner strength, our own inner authority. Its the expression centre for energy within the physical realm. It is the physical centre of where chemical energy for the body is released into the arteries to be circulated through the blood, to power all the functions of your body.

Our body has 100 times more bacteria than cells on and in our body. We are in fact an entire eco system, just like the planet. We are host to Yeasts, Bacteria, Viruses (not all harmful, some keep harmful bacteria in check, by killing them, these viruses are called Bacteriaphage. Not widely accepted but its possible the human body can create Bacteriaphages as a compliment to the existing immune system, antibodies and white blood cells etc. Some of our bacteria are beneficial to our health, they aid us in digestion, possibly regulating our desire for food full stop or perhaps desire for certain foods.

Its also thought our friendly bacteria teach our immune system how to recognise bad bacteria, and a full scale war (depending on how healthy you are) is going on, as the bad bacteria can teach the immune system to recognise and destroy friendly bacteria. This is especially the case, in your gut, as this is where the greatest concentration of bacteria are found. They have a huge impact on our moods, as when they are happy we are.

As a living organism, bacteria have a level of consciousness, albeit very simple. Some bacteria are sensitive to their environment, they can sense temperature, pH (alkalinity and acidity), salinity (salt levels), nutrients, water availability and toxins.

Ever wondered why you feel anxiety in your gut, or why the expression, “I had a bad gut feeling about…” exists.  This huge concentration of lifeforms in your gut senses the microbiota in other people and other lifeforms through the electro magnetic field that comes from your microbiota.  These guys don’t see the world through rose tinted glasses.  They are as close to being pure consciousness as one can be.

Some bacteria can move and when they learn new tricks or traits, they share these traits through conjugation, through sharing a circular piece of DNA/RNA called a plasmid. These rings of Nucleic Acid, are like super powers to Bacteria and allow them to more quickly adapt or learn. These factors amongst others influence a bacteria behaviour. As a living presence of immense numbers, If you believe as I do that this collective lifeform, gives off a bio-resonance field, that we sense and communicate with in many ways, through increased or decreased blood flow to this region, water absorption (hence diarrhoea and constipation) the common symptoms of IBS, chemical messengers (hormones) etc, antibodies and immune cells, electromagnetic from the heart and brain, and electrical stimulation through the central nervous system.

Not surprising that some cats and dogs guard this area and others who trust us, like getting their belly rubbed. It stimulates blood flow, increasing oxygen and nutrients to the good bacteria, aids in digestion and makes them feel great. Little wonder they enjoy it so 🙂

We like it to, not to mention that its a highly erogenous zone and commonly targeted in fore play 🙂

So for a healthy belly, learn to do Hara Meditations to better communicate or sense this energy and centre of consciousness. Feed your good bacteria, with good healthy raw foods. Introduce more of the good bacteria (helpers and troops) to aid in digestion and fighting the baddies by taking a good pro-biotic which may contain fructo oligosaccharides (simple sugars that the good bacteria need to give them energy) such as Udos – Super 8 or Pro-Bio 7 ore why not consider keeping water or milk kefir, which has a perfect compliment of yeasts and bacteria necessary for a healthy gut.

Learn a Nada Bhrama Meditation to enhance your sensory awareness and to better communicate or sense this energy and centre of consciousness. Instructions can be found here on the in the “Spiritual” section

Meditations are great for increasing your sense of well being, stimulating activity in the good bacteria, liberating toxins from the body, in aiding healing, and finally to releasing suppressed emotions.

And finally give your partner a tender belly rub, or massage. Bet they’ll enjoy it as much as your cat or dog.